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With a thorough paint correction courtesy of Colbern’s Detailing, you can ensure that your vehicle will be restored to all of its former glory before all the scratches, swirl marks, and spiderwebs.

We offer full detailing services for cars, boats, motorcycles & more.

Here at Colbern’s Detailing, we are not limited to just cars. We are fully equipped to protect and detail your motorcycle—whatever it is—whether you have a Harley-Davidson, a Ducati, or BMW. Just like with our cars, we work to protect the best of the best!

A paint protection film courtesy of Colbern’s Detaling is simply the most comprehensive form of defense possible for your vehicle. The top layer of a top-notch film such as XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS or XPEL STEALTH is made up of elastomeric polymers with “self-healing” properties. This simply means that they will always return to their natural shape after being stretched or disturbed in any way, thereby ensuring that your vehicle will always be looking its best.

Want to take paint protection to the next level? Already have paint protection film but want to ensure your vehicle is that much more protected? Then a ceramic coating courtesy of Colbern’s Detailing is for you!