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Motorcycle Care

Motorcycle Care

Here at Colbern’s Detailing, we are not limited to just cars. We are fully equipped to protect and detail your motorcycle—whatever it is—whether you have a Harley-Davidson, a Ducati, or BMW. Just like with our cars, we work to protect the best of the best!

The Process We Take

Pre-wash: Using only the highest quality microfiber cloths and a designated motorcycle wash detergent, we will start the process by safely removing all of the largest dirt particles to ensure no scratching occurs.

Wheel Cleaner: Because they can be made from two different materials, we will wash the wheels and the spokes of your bike separately if necessary. Using a mild tire cleaner and wash soap, we will start by thoroughly washing the bike’s wheels and tires. This is important because it will remove any oils from road film or tire dressings. Once this is completed, we will take every precaution to go about polishing and protecting your rims by applying a fine chrome polish and wax.

Dash and Controls: The dash and controls are crucial to the overall operation of your motorcycle which is why we use a cleaner than not only cleans the plastics, but provides UV protection as well.

Chrome Polish: Because chrome is relatively thin, maintaining it properly is crucial to long life. Corrosion, peeling, and rust may happen if not properly maintained—after all chrome is hard, but it isn’t invincible. Leave it to us! We will use only the best products to clean, dry, and protect your chrome, finishing with a layer of top-notch wax to seal the surface.

Leather Treatment: Whether you have a natural aniline leather, a coated leather, or a high-quality vinyl that feels like it, a good Colbern’s Detailing leather treatment topped off with a non-slick protectant will keep your seat looking new for days to come.

Additionally: Just like with all the cars we get, paint protection film and ceramic coating on the gas tank, front forks, headlights, and battery covers are two great options when it comes to protecting your motorcycle. Don’t be afraid to ask!

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