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Ceramic Coatings

Vehicle Ceramic Coating

Want to take paint protection to the next level? Already have paint protection film but want to ensure your vehicle is that much more protected? Then a ceramic coating courtesy of Colbern’s Detailing is for you!

A ceramic coating (such as Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum or Crystal Serum Ultra) is a liquid polymer applied by hand to the outside of your vehicle. Chemically bonding with the vehicle’s factory paint, the coating thereby creates a layer of protection. A ceramic coating, not to be confused with pain protection film, is a premium wax alternative creating a permanent bond with your vehicle’s paint job. This means that it does not require application every few months due to being washed away or breaking down.

The Process We Take

What will a ceramic coating do for your vehicle? At the end of the day, a ceramic coating will add extra protection to the exterior of your car and help keep it looking new with minimal maintenance required. Here’s how:

~UV Ray / Oxidation Protection  

When exposed to the sun, the paint of your vehicle will being to oxidize, causing it to become more dulled and faded. A layer of ceramic coating will act as a barrier between your vehicle’s paint and the sun’s harmful rays, thereby reducing oxidation, and preventing the dulling or fading of your vehicle’s paint job.



As a vehicle owner you need to be aware of chemical staining caused by naturally acidic contaminants. One way to do so is with a ceramic coating which prevents these kinds of contaminants from bonding to your vehicle’s paint. As a result, your vehicle will be less prone to staining and etching.


Ceramic coatings are water-repellant—this means that mud and grime will have a much more difficult time bonding to your vehicle’s paint.


A good ceramic coating done by Colbern’s detailing has the added benefit of enhancing the reflectiveness of your vehicle’s paint and clear coat, causing it to “pop.”

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